zox pro training review

Everybody wants to be bit smarter than others and everybody has potential to be smarter! The creators of ZOX Pro Training program want to teach you ways to discover the hidden potential of your brain, and thus be smarter. So, do you believe that you can teach your brain to be smarter? Well, you can do that with this program because it really does what it claims.

The program and its developer

The developer of ZOX Pro Training, Richard Welch claims that you’d be able to read minimraininum of 25,000 words a minute by the end of this program. Richard is also known as Father of Mental Photography. He has set up his school in mid 70’s where most of his student broke many speed reading records. In fact, one student peaked at amazing 419,000 words per minute. Again, in 1976 one 17 years boy was mentally photographed at whooping 609,000 words per minute!