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King Kong digital marketing agency growing

King Kong came to be crowned Australia’s fastest-growing digital marketing agency, founder Sabri Suby. The agency three and a half years ago from my bedroom without any funding, venture capital or safety net. Experiencing 20% growth month-on-month and growing very, very quickly. Agency has over 34 employees operating out of smart offices in South Yarra, Melbourne and we’re working with major clients nationally and internationally, including Metricon, Marshall White, Koala Mattress, Caruso Natural Vitamins and First National amongst many others.

King Kong Agency growing very, very quickly, a lot of revenue is coming into the business and that’s allowing us to not only get the very best talent there is but also train people up to be world class. We’re also spending more money than our competitors on advertising, to acquire our customers, and investing more in digital marketing because we know it works.