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Solving the problem of creating a quality video product was the impetus and became our mission so we set out to build a video studio with a cyclorama capability combined with the latest in equipment for   Orange County video production.  Voila, as we created the environment to showcase a product or service commercial and we were able to make magic happen with our Tricaster technology.  The Tricaster allows us to create stunning virtual sets and backdrops from TV shows to commercial product rollouts.  Our green screen studio has 3 walls upon which we can set a backdrop of a huge studio space placing you in a TV news broadcaster set which really delivers large scale perspective with our digital sets..

With our Green Screen Studio, Our Sony Digital cameras, combined with talent prompters, wireless mics and our lighting all set the stage for a professional video production.


Google Play App

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The product felt awesome. It’s delicate to the skin, and it gives almost immediate results. All I’ve had to do was apply it and wipe it off. That’s it! In a couple of minutes, I had perfectly smooth and hairless skin. No burns or rashes. I was surprised.

Revitol hair removal creamThat’s why the Revitol is not as popular as other hair removal brands. People rarely trust what’s written on the bottle, and they’d rather go with the major brand products just because that’s what tv tells them to buy!

However, this is where Revitol is different. Its unique formula comes with nourishing ingredients, which will nurture the skin, rather than damage it. The Hair Removal cream is based on bioactive ingredients with dilatator agents, which will loosen up the cells around follicles and make even the toughest hair fall off easily.

Credit Repair

  • A great credit record enables a person to achieve the ability to acquire a lucrative loan program to buy building, vehicle along with other important things. For those who have a great credit score, you’ll be able to get a good loan program for the requirement. However, for those who have inappropriate one, it could create a hurdle whenever you intend to buy vehicle, house along with other relevant things. If you’re not able to get it, it becomes difficult that you should acquire a suitable loan together with affordable rates of interest. In this kind of scenario, it is extremely natural that you ought to allow us a pursuit to acquire in addition to maintain this kind of score. For more information on how to improve credit, visit our website today!

    However, you will find conditions when you’re not able to secure it despite the fact that you’ve attempted your level best to do this by all possible means. Indeed, you have to spend considerable time and to repair your bad credit record. Here lies the need for participation of this kind of company. They are aware of the fundamental rules and recommendations which are associated using this type of process plus they should understand the methods to implement individuals particular rules to enhance it in addition to permit you to cut costs in the most effective way. However, there’s no formula to improve credit score instantly, but you will find several instances in which a proficient credit repair company can permit you to improve it to some large degree. This information will highlight on the couple of important duties which are satisfied with a proficient credit company.

    The key purpose of this kind of company would be to remove mistakes from this kind of report. These mistakes include the occurrence of errors sometimes of confirming the loan companies in addition to the occurrence of easy mistakes at the duration of offering private information to the loan companies. If you feel you will find multiple mistakes happened inside it, then it’s advisable that you ought to make contact with this kind of provider to rectify your mistakes in the most effective way.

    It is essential that you need to verify everything of your credit report in the most effective way. For example, for those who have one negative item on this kind of report because of the participation of the loan provider who already left the industry, then there’s possibility that the appropriate bureau wouldn’t have any kind of reply every time they would phone you to ensure the particulars on the report. If such factor happens, it is best that you ought to immediately remove the detail of this kind of loan provider from this kind of report.

    It is essential to understand that many of these service companies operate their business activities for the last 3 or 4 years. Therefore, it’s expected they possess relevant experience or expertise to have the ability to negotiate with the loan companies in the most effective way. If you want to enhance it and when your loan provider really wants to discuss this kind of problem, it is best that you ought to take assistance of this kind of company with no delay. Want to know more about credit repair? Visit us for more information.

Oregano Oil

The compounds in oregano oil work together to provide the antimicrobial effects this oil is so well-known for. Carvacrol is its most important component, and is responsible for many of its health benefits. Carvacrol has powerful antimicrobial properties, and has been shown to help break through the outer cell membranes that help protect bacteria from your immune system.

Pure oregano oil can either be applied topically or ingested, depending on the condition you’re using it for. However, I advise against using the oil full-strength, as it can irritate your skin. Do not apply it to broken skin and open wounds as well.

Buy oregano oil is meant for short-term use only, and, if using orally, should be taken in small doses of four to six drops for only seven to 10 days.